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Established by Martin Boniface in 1984 with an original trading name of Boniface Services, Bonlec was a part-time service-orientated electrical business. During this time Martin was employed as the Maintenance Engineer for Country Style Bakeries (now known as Country Bake). 

Boniface Services continued to grow as the need for a reliable, competent, 24-hour Electrical Maintenance Company increased in the Townsville region. It wasn’t long before Boniface Services had full-time Maintenance contracts with customers such as Country Style Bakeries, Woolworths stores, Techno Plastics, Tip Top Bakeries and AE Smith .

Bonlec Head Office

  • In 1991, with four employees Boniface Services became Bonlec Pty Ltd.

  • In 1992 a separate division of Bonlec, North Queensland Controls was born to service and supply the growing demand for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Controls in North Queensland. The Controls System that Martin Boniface aligned himself with at this time was a fledgling Queensland Company called Innotech. Innotech has since evolved exponentially to be one of the most popular and sought-after Building/Energy Management Systems (BMS/EMS) in the Industry and now boasts a far-reaching Global distribution network.

  • In early 1994 a branch of North Queensland Controls was started by Martin in Cairns on a part time basis. The Cairns Branch required full-time staff by the end of 1994 and has continued to grow over the years. Bonlec Cairns now employs over 10 full-time staff.

  • In 1999 Bonlec/North Queensland Controls underwent a name change to incorporate three divisions, Bonlec Controls, Bonlec Electrical and Bonlec Wind & Solar.

  • 2001 Bonlec expanded again with the opening of a branch in Mackay. Bonlec Mackay now has over 5 full-time staff.

  • October 2005, a Hughenden branch was opened to give Bonlec a base in the heart of the cattle country where solar pumping was becoming increasingly popular as an alternative for the watering of stock.

  • November 2007, Bonlec Townsville moved into their new premises on Gorden Street with an official opening of the building in February 2008. The added space available allowed Bonlec to continue expanding and grow its business; diversifying into new areas such as our growing Switchboard Design and Manufacturing division.

  • July 2009, the Bonlec Solar division in both Townsville and Hughenden formed a new Company called BonTech Pty Ltd. BonTech specialises in Wind and Solar Pumping, Standalone Power Supplies/RAPS, Research & Development and alternative technologies. BonTech now employs 7 full-time employees across Townsville and Hughenden and is responsible for the design and manufacture of emerging Rural Technologies such as “Spilla” and “Agmon”. Bonlec Pty Ltd and BonTech Pty Ltd work together very closely to utilise the Technical Capacity and resources each Business has to offer.

  • 2012, Bonlec formed an in-house Information & Technology (IT) Department to assist Bonlec/BonTech and their Customers with their growing High End Computing/Networking needs. This expansion was seen as necessary for Bonlec/BonTech to maintain their position at the forefront of their relative Industries Technical abilities and will allow them to take advantage of opportunities into the future where these abilities allow Clients to monitor and address their sites Energy Efficiencies.

At Bonlec/BonTech, we pride ourselves on being able to overcome any problem or circumstance that may present itself. Our combined experience and knowledge has allowed us to maintain a 100% success rate.

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