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Cerberus PRO


The Siemens fire safety system Cerberus PRO offers all you need for comprehensive safety. It combines high safety standards and leading edge technology. The product portfolio comprises different fire control panels, fire detectors, peripheral devices and accessories. It is suited for both standalone systems and extensive networks. Cerberus PRO is exclusively delivered through certified Siemens Solution Partners.



Fire Control Panels

fire control panels
The four models of  the Cerberus PRO fire control panel family combine high security standards with the latest technology. They cover small to very large application are as and can either stand alone or be networked into a large system.
The fire control panels and fire terminals from Cerberus PRO provide a quick, comprehensive overview of all messages generated by the fire safety system. They are also easy and intuitive to operate. Customizable intervention texts enable correct actions of people in charge.


Fire Detectors

fire detectors
The Cerberus PRO detector range provides the benefits of Siemens’ vast experience in detection techniques and applications. This experience ensures utterly reliable detection response. Thanks to the intelligent detection technology and selectable parameter sets, the detectors can be adjusted to the expected environmental conditions. This minimizes the risk of costly false alarms. You can be confident to protect people and assets reliably and to secure your business continuity.


Peripheral Devices

peripheral devices
A wide variety of peripheral devices rounds off the Cerberus PRO family. Manual call points allow manual activation of alarms. Sounders provide loud acoustic alarming in case of an event, while sounders beacons provide acoustic as well as optical alarming. Floor repeater terminals give a customized overview and provide a secured visibility. Whether for detection, evacuation control or display – all devices are connected to and powered by the C-NET detection loop.


Cerberus PRO
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